All Things Sustainable

by Peter Malaise

It’s the 21st century and we just had Rio+20 – the rest is silence, as Hamlet told us. At this pace we will soon have Rio+200, if we ever get there at all, and nothing will have happened. Two billion people on this planet are starving, our health is under heavy pressure and nature out of balance and in danger of extinction.

Politicians worldwide and of all parties don’t care: they run their prehistoric tribal disputes, which are horrifyingly meaningless to everybody. The financial world has enslaved Industry to make money for them – not products or services, and they still have to discover that you can’t eat money.
As a citizen, you must have a state of mind made from steel and concrete to stand this Armageddon.

Am I the next doomsday whistle blower? Not at all. I know that things could go very differently when some fresh ideas would be able to penetrate people’s armour of indifference and have them take part in the making of society. I practise this myself since more than 40 years now and I tried to spread the idea whenever I had the opportunity.
That’s why I would like to comment and give suggestions in these pages on how we could improve the world, beginning with relatively small things and on a base of sustainable development.
As we started with Shakespeare, we can as well close with him:
There are more things between heaven and earth, Horatio
than is dreamt of in your philosophy.

Hope to see you soon!
Peter Malaise

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